Our project to release and train colleagues in Foam Sclerotherapy started in December/2011, and it is already nationally acknowledged- up to now we have trained approximately 869 (eight hundred and sixty nine) vascular surgeons in all the country. During our course we are going to treat more than 60 (sixty) ill people, as well as do the checkup of individuals who had been treated at different times. Students’ participation in the practice and ongoing debates during the activities make that performance really efficient.

The mechanisms of the action of foam, the use of vascular echography, the detailed technique to treat the various levels of the venous disease (C1-C6), the results, compression therapy and care with the ulcers, complications and how to treat them, the situation of the chronic venous disease in Brazil and a treatment program through the Unique Heath System (hereby SUS), are going to be presented and discussed during the event. Also, we will have a specially detailed and theoretical-practical presentation, on venous ulcers.

Our objective is to spread foam sclerotherapy in Brazil, by technically and scientifically discussing this mini – invasive and versatile treatment, which is very useful not only for Public Health, as well as for the private practice in doctors’ offices.
In our courses, registration entitles hosting, transfer and feed during all the event- if the event is held in the city of Salvador. Then, the student shall only focus his/her attention in learning, which increases group and individual performance. There will be a special dinner party, a unique opportunity to better get to know each other and exchange experiences with colleagues from all over Brazil in a nice environment.