Project on Foam Sclerotherapy is the winner of Life Science Prize, 07th Edition of Benchmarking Health Bahia Award


The program of echo guided Foam Sclerotherapy that was developed by São Rafael Hospital was elected by acclamation in the category Life Science on the 07th Edition of Benchmarking Award /Health Bahia, one of the most traditional in the segment in the Northeast. São Rafael Hospital was also awarded in the categories Philanthropic Hospital and Philanthropic Compliance Hospital; in this event, São Rafael Hospital was represented by Dr.Marcelo Ruettimann Liberato, angiologist who is the spreader of the technique in Brazil and responsible for the pioneering program. “I feel much honored to be able to represent São Rafael Hospital during Benchmarking Award, which impressed me by its greatness and organization. I am happy to feel the power of “Go, Teach and Heal” be acknowledged, may it be because of our program on foam sclerotherapy or because of philanthropy. May God always bless us”, Dr. Marcelo celebrated.

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