Social Project


The establishment of a program of foam sclerotherapy has great social impact because of the high number of individuals with advanced varicose veins and venous ulcers in our country.

In 2013, we started a Program of Foam Sclerotherapy and treatment of Venous Ulcers, in the city of Salvador, through a contract between the Municipal Health Secretariat and São Rafael Hospital. We trained more than two hundred and fifty (250) health professionals (nurses and technicians) that work in 110 free clinics in Salvador- these professionals hold the first triage of the ill patients that look for help in the periphery of the city. Then, a second triage is done on patients that were selected in the free clinics. We also offer professional training for more than two hundred and thirty workes in twelve (12) districts in Salvador, in units that are specialized in wounds- these units help us in the treatment of patients with ulcers. Anyway, we created a Network for Whole Attention to Health for the patients with Advanced Chronic Venous Disease (varicose veins and ulcers). Since the beginning, we have treated more than three thousand and five hundred (3,500) citizens of Salvador and more than a thousand and two hundred venous ulcers, and it brings benefits to a population with difficulties to solve its health problem in the public network. Beyond the quality of life and the human and social side of the program, we find economic sustainability and excellent sanitarian results. An example is the ulcer healing rate of 77%, and it is comparable to the best results of published international literature.

So, Salvador has been a pioneering capital in a politics of assistance to ill people with venous varicose veins and ulcers and we hope it will not take longer to be used in all Brazil.