Who we are

Ruettiman – Teaching and Professional Training

Ruettiman was born from a personal dream of Dr. Marcelo Ruettimann Liberato de Moura, who always believed that education is an essential element for the development of a society. Ruettiman is a company of professional teaching in the medical area, and has already held training courses for approximately 1,000 (one thousand) professionals in this area. Our work is focused on the patients that suffer from varicose veins and venous ulcers (wounds). By teaching doctors, nurses and practical nurses, we can directly and indirectly help the population.

Ruettiman has already trained 869 (eight hundred and sixty nine) vascular surgeons in Brazil, specifically in the technique of foam sclerotherapy for the treatment of varicose veins in the lower limb, venous ulcers and the use of compression therapy.

"When we plant hope, we harvest quality of life"

(Marcelo Ruettimann)


Dr. Marcelo Ruettimann Liberato

Vascular Surgeon
Regional Medical Council -BA 13.868

Dra. Keillyanne Barros

Vascular Surgeon
Regional Medical Council -BA 20.749

Dra. Silvana R. Soares

Vascular Surgeon
Regional Medical Council -BA 786